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And here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about being a Quox Creek Retailer.

Authorized Retailer FAQ

Who can become a Quox Creek Authorized Retailer?

Any brick-and-mortar store with a credit card or PayPal account and a valid retailer’s certificate can become a Quox Creek Authorized Retailer. We’ll ship products directly to you for display in your store.

Where can I resell Quox Creek products?

You can resell Quox Creek products at your brick-and-mortar store. You cannot sell or advertise them online.

Which Quox Creek Products are available for resale?

Almost everything available in the Vortex Shop is available for resale. The most popular resale items are the Quox Creek Vortex Fountains. Contact us for details about other product options.

What does it cost to get Quox Creek products for resale?

The cost of your order will depend on volume and shipping. We will negotiate a wholesale price with you based on the volume of your order. Then we will ship the products to you using the most reasonable freight method we have available for your location and volume. Payment for your order, including shipping, can be made with a credit card or PayPal account and is due, in full, at the time of shipping.

What is a retailer's certificate?

Some states may call it a vendor’s license, a state tax ID, or a sales tax permit. It’s the number assigned to your business that allows you collect and file sales tax. In some countries it may be called a Tax ID, a VAT Registration, or a GST ID.

Is there a Retailer Agreement?

Yes. It spells out all the details of our commitment to you and your agreement with us. Once you fill out the Retailer Application, we’ll send you a copy of the Agreement to sign and send back. It needs to be signed and returned before we ship your order.

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