Quox Creek Vortex Fountain

Decorate your Vortex Fountain for New Year celebrations!

The tabletop Vortex Fountain is a versatile, decorating extravaganza! And it’s super easy to give it a new look any time!

The fountain’s decorative tray is designed to help you change your decor as often as you like. Just lift the tray off the fountain, swap out the goodies, then settle it back in place. Voila! A whole new look! And so simple!

Add gold rocks or baubles to celebrate the New Year. Mix them up with white, gold, and black to give the fountain some extra flair. Have some small ornaments leftover from the holidays? Carefully position them in the rock tray for some glitz as you ring in the new year. You can find some extra inspiration and decorative accessories in the Vortex Shop!

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