We’re making great progress toward bringing the Vortex Fountain to you!

Right now, we’re working with suppliers and manufacturers to pull all the pieces together. Turns out, getting it all organized is a lot more complex than we ever guessed! Creating the manufacturing designs and making sure the measurements are perfect, finding the right suppliers, tracking down facilities with the appropriate equipment, arranging the logistics for all the parts, and keeping it all on a budget… there’s a lot to coordinate!

We’re working as quickly as we can and pushing deadlines as much as possible. Our goal is to have the tabletop fountain ready before the end of the year. We’re told that manufacturing projects like this usually take about a year to coordinate but we’re determined to do it in a matter of months. It’s a very tight timetable but we have an awesome team and we’re going to make it happen!

As soon as the tabletop Vortex Fountain is released, we’ll start ramping up the process for the garden-size fountain. It’ll be another sprint but we’re aiming for a mid-spring release. We love a good challenge!

Thanks for your interest in the Vortex Fountain! More updates soon!