Give the Easter Bunny something to play with this season! Let him decorate your Quox Creek Vortex Fountain!

Your local discount store has lots of inexpensive, plastic, mini Easter eggs, decorative grass, bunny and chick figurines, and colorful trinkets. Mix and match to create the perfect look for your holiday decor.

Decorating your fountain is easy thanks to the removable tray. Turn off your fountain, lift off the tray, add your favorite accessories, and put the tray back in place. It’s super simple! And you can change it as often as the mood strikes!

BTW: when you’re using the plastic grass, we find that “less is more” because it can be a little tough to control. Use just enough to cover the inside of the tray but not so much that it gets unwieldy and straggles into the water. Glass gems and colorful sand are much easier to keep in place.