Quox Creek Supports Local Public Radio

We’ll Donate Proceeds From Your Order to Local Stations

Quox Creek® was founded by a journalist and believes in supporting quality, local reporting. Your local public radio station covers the community with in-depth news programming unlike anything else on the airwaves.

That’s why Quox Creek is a fan, a member, and a contributor to local public radio.

When you buy a Quox Creek Vortex Fountain and include one of the FREE Donation Products, we’ll donate 10% of the proceeds of your purchase directly to your public radio station.*

It’s that simple.

Purchase = Donation.

Before you check out of the Vortex Shop, select the Donation Product for your public radio station so we know which station gets the donation.

“Journalism is part of my DNA and I think it’s vital to support quality, local reporting,” says Quox Creek founder Marshall McPeek. “I spent years as a field reporter and news anchor. I’ll always be a newsie at heart and I’ll continue to support the professional journalists whose work keeps our communities informed.”

You love Morning Edition, All Things Considered, On Point, Here and Now, and Wait Wait from NPR. But you also love the fantastic, award-winning, news reporting and local programming from All Sides with Ann Fisher, The Sound of Ideas, and Tropical Currents. The majority of your local station’s budget depends on the financial support of listeners like us. Help us keep that commercial-free programming on the air.

Help keep public radio robust in your community. Join us in supporting their mission to provide quality, local journalism on the public airwaves.

Thanks for supporting your local, news-producing, NPR-member station!


* Donations will be calculated based on net proceeds per order then compiled into a single, quarterly donation to the individual stations. One donation per order. Thanks.

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