Having trouble with your tabletop Vortex Fountain? Here some common issues and solutions.

Bubbles are swirling in the vortex chamber.
The pump is sucking air; add water immediately.

The pump is making a sucking sound.
The pump is sucking air; add water immediately.

Water is not falling evenly around all sides of the vortex chamber.
The fountain may not be completely level. Use the mini-level tool to check the level and adjust the level using the leveling feet. See the full instructions in the Owners Manual. Also, check the pump input to make sure it is all the way open (turn the dial toward the plus (+) sign and that there is no debris blocking the pump’s intake.

The decorative tray won’t seat properly.
Remove any decorations or debris from around the edges of the tray and make sure the pump’s electrical cord is in its slot.

The pump doesn’t seem to be moving enough water.
Make sure the intake regulator is fully open (turn it toward the plus (+) sign), make sure the pump’s intake is not clogged.